Joel Adams

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Joel Adams is the eldest son of famed comic book artist, Neal Adams. After graduating the School of Visual Arts in New York, Joel moved to Los Angeles to work at Neal’s west coast offices of Continuity Studios. While at Continuity, he dabbled in comic books helping out on Continuity titles such as Ms Mystic and Bucky O’Hare.

Joel’s career in Los Angeles took him in and out of Continuity and all over the industry. He did a few covers for Alpha Production’s Blood Thirst line, and was then picked up by Penthouse Comix to do Young Captain Adventure. From comics, Joel moved on to animation. Marvel Animation, in 1996, picked up Joel to do all the character design for The Hulk: Animated series. From there designed a few other shows including the first three years of the Emmy Award winning King of the Hill as Character designer.

While working for the animation companies, Joel also picked up all of the licensing art style guides for these shows and others by the licensing companies handling them. Joel’s art has appeared on licensed products from: The Hulk, Nascar Racers, King of the Hill, Captain Scarlet, The Mask (Animation), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue, Power Rangers: Wild Force, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Today, Joel has been devoted to pushing his own brand/license LILZ, a series of big head big eyed characters he began showing back in 2000, and can be seen literally all over online community message boards and websites in what are called “signature tags.” It is his desire to get the Lilz off of the Internet and into stores everywhere.

Adam Gallardo

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Adam Gallardo is a writer living in Oregon. At the moment, he is best known for his work writing comic books. He’s the author of Star Wars: Infinites – Return of the Jedi as well as two creator-owned series, 100 Girls and Gear School. He’s also written a handful of short comics stories as well as edited a number of titles for Dark Horse including Xena: Warrior Princess and Mike Allred’s Madman.   His debut Young Adult novel, Zomburbia, was released by Kensington Publishing in 2014, and its sequel, Zombified, came out in 2015.

Adam attended The Evergreen State College where he learned to his horror that he might be a genre writer after working with Science Fiction author, Bill Ransom. This suspicion was confirmed when he attended the Stonecoast MFA program at the University of Southern Maine and worked closely with a number of genre authors including Elizabeth Hand, James Patrick Kelly, Nancy Holder and Scott Wolven.

Links to Adam: Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads

Floyd Sumner

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Robert “Floyd” Sumner is the imagination and pen behind Planet F Studios and has been drawing and creating strange worlds for as long as he can remember. His unique style is influenced by many different artists from Neal Adams to Jack Davis and his preferred artistic arsenal includes markers, airbrush and colored pencils among other things.

His past projects have included work for MAIN ENTERPRISES, MONSTERWAX TRADING CARDS and NIKE as well as his MAD inspired humor mag HMM? and his small press comic Sgt. Roadkil’s Fanboy Journal.  Floyd has also released 3 issues of his acclaimed small press review magazine KA-WHUMP! in the early 2000’s. Recently he can be found creating one of a kind sketch covers and sketch cards, caricature and bringing people’s ideas to life. He is currently working as a sketch artist for Topps on their upcoming WACKY PACKAGES 50th ANNIVERSARY SET and has also released his own set of Planet F Studios Trading Cards…with more on the way!.

A regular to Cherry City Con, Floyd is based locally in Salem, OR and would love to have fans and artists alike stop by to talk shop and just say hello.