Scott Kolins

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SCOTT KOLINS, renowned award-winning comic book creator, best known for his art on THE FLASH, as well as THE AVENGERS, JUSTICE LEAGUE and ACTION COMICS is currently drawing BLUE BEETLE. Scott has written and drawn: SOLOMON GRUNDY, CITIZEN COLD, SUPERMAN-BATMAN, JSA, LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT and his creator-owned ADAM.3! Scott has worked for LUCASFILM and for The FLASH T.V. show – but comic books will always be his home.


Dez Creepcore

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Dez Creepcore is a cosplayer, artist, writer, traveler, and gamer from Salt Lake City, UT. She began her cosplay adventure 4 years ago and is well known for adding unique details to her outfits. Since then she has been invited to attend conventions as a Featured Cosplay guest, panelist guest, and has been a part children’s charities along with volunteer events.

Dez has been focusing on growing her cosplay collection which covers characters from comic books, video games, and anime. With her tattoos and piercings, Dez likes to break the mold of character accuracy and embraces diversity in cosplay.

In her free time she loves to catch up on her comic books, play video games and stream them, travel the world and conventions, blogging, and practice her weapon crafting with different types of foam! People like to say Dez is the girly geeky girl next door and she’s not afraid to be herself!

DC Doll

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DC Doll started cosplaying back in 2008 at a local SLC anime convention and it was all down hill from there. Like many, she grew up with the Batman Animated Series, X-Men and video games. The love of nerd things run deep in this young padawan. Since then she’s been part of charity events local and cross state borders such as Toys 4 Tots, and Primary Children’s. Featured as a cosplay panelist, and guest. Recently became a model and student for master seamstress SIQ Clothing and has been invited to many of their events modeling off their amazing work.

In her down time you’ll find her at her gym or running at the track, reading and adding to her massive collection of comics, watching comic book movies and playing video games.

If you see her at a con never hesitate to come up and talk comics, photography, tattoos, or video games. Her friends say she’s a dork with a heart of gold this one.

Georgia Ball

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Georgia Ball has been writing since 2004 when she launched a webcomic with her artist husband, Scott Ball. Scooter and Ferret ran until 2010 and landed her a gig with Ape Entertainment writing Strawberry Shortcake. Since then she’s written for a variety of licensed properties including Transformers, Scooby Doo, Disney and Evil Dead 2.

Current projects include the Frozen comic series from Joe Books, Dark Lily from Space Goat Publishing and two graphic novels for Scholastic.  

Art Thibert

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While Art Thibert is a comic book artist who is primarily known as an inker, he also has a substantial resume as a penciler, writer, and creator.  He owns and operates an art studio, Hack Shack Studios, where he trains aspiring inkers and also creates properties for comics and film.  Thibert broke into the comics industry in the mid-1980s.  At that time, he started working for Marvel Comics as an inker and DC Comics as a penciler.  His big break came when he was hired to do finishes over Dan Jurgens on The Adventures of Superman.  He also had a long run penciling Action Comics covers.  After that, Thibert inked almost exclusively for Marvel Comics, with many of those years spent on the X-Men titles inking over such talents as Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, and Rob Liefeld.  He also penciled various issues of X-Men and helped launch a new Cable series with writer, Fabian Nicieza.

During the early 1990s, Thibert joined forces with an up-start new company called Image Comics, where he worked on such flagship titles as Spawn (with Greg Capullo), WildC.A.T.S. and CyberForce.  He then settled in at Rob Liefield’s Extreme Studios where he worked most notably on Troll, Cybrid and also penciled various covers for Supreme.   In 1994, Image and Extreme Studios published a mini-series of Art’s creator-owned book, Black and White.

Art later went back to Marvel Comics where he helped launch their Ultimate line working with Mark Bagley, Adam Kubert and Dave Finch (Ultimate Spiderman and Ultimate X-Men).   He has worked exclusively for DC Comics for the past 13 years.  Before the DC reboot, Art penciled and inked fill-in interior pages, and also the covers for several issues of The Flash.  During the New 52 run, he once again got to work with his friend, Rob Liefield on Deathstroke and Savage Hawkman and now is working on Action Comics and Superwoman for the Rebirth Series.

In his spare time, Art is in the process of bringing his Image published, Chrono Mechanics comics to PBS as an animated series.

Gary Martin

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Gary’s career as a freelance comic book inker and writer spans over twenty years. He’s worked for all the major companies, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Disney, and Archie (on such titles as Spider-Man, Batman, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Mega Man).

Gary is best known for his popular how-to books entitled, The Art Of Comic Book Inking. Gary has also partnered with Steve Rude on Nexus and The Moth, and authored an eight volume graphic novel series he created called, Son of Samson, published by Zondervan.

Currently, Gary is writing and inking a two-issue Mighty Crusaders project for Archie Comics.