Kayla LaFrance

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Kayla LaFrance

Hello Everyone! My name is Kayla LaFrance and I am the King of the Nerds. Well I was, until I went space mad on Mars and died. Or in other words, I was the winner of TBS’s reality competition show, King of the Nerds last season.

I am 30 and a native of Spokane, Washington. I have earned a BS in Engineering Physics, a MS in Space Studies, and minors in Public Relations and Mathematics. My ultimate dream and goal in life is to work with human Mars Exploration and work within space mission operations and mission control. Currently I like to spend my free time with an amateur high altitude balloon group out of Spokane, sending balloons to the edge of space, as well as continuing research in my thesis topic.

I am extremely passionate for the subjects that I find interesting – Space exploration, Astronomy, Star Trek, Batman, Hockey, cars and all things sci-fi… I tend to take them to the Max and obsess over them.

I love space and astronomy so much that I have spent most of my life learning the art of telescopes and studying all things NASA. I have won numerous awards including the NASA’s Greatest Fan contest and the Jack Horkheimer Award presented by the National Astronomy League. All of my college education has been to focus my career path in human space exploration.

Star Trek and Batman are the bases of my collections and hours of entertainment, cosplay and conventions. It would be my strong points in nerd cred and pop culture. I also geek out hard core over cars and trucks. My grandfather taught me almost everything that I know. I love to use my hands and work with tools. And just look, nerds have some pretty cool cars – the Batmobiles, the DeLorean, Speedracer, Transformers…ect…

And hockey, I just cannot get enough, any league, any level, I am there. I play, I watch, I ref, you name it and I do it. I have NASA logos on my gear, Klingon written on my sticks, and custom NASA and Batman jerseys to represent my nerd while out on the ice.

Check out her website here: http://www.theknightsofnerdvana.com/

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