Lana Star

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Lana Star

Lana Star is a model and actress in Los Angeles and is also a professional wrestler!

She has appeared on billboards, magazines, catalogs, was a football champion in the Lingerie Football League and acted in many TV shows, movies, commercials, music videos.  Lana has appeared on numerous wrestling shows such as Wrestlicious, WOW (Longest reigning champ) and even WWE.

Lana worked opposite Robert Downey Jr, in the first Iron Man movie, She had a lead role in the horror movie “Ulterior Motives a reality show nightmare” playing Kandy Norton and had a recurring role on the recent Cameron Crowe series “Roadies” playing the role of Sandy.  Lana has also made many appearances in Playboy and is a popular Benchwarmer trading cards model

Lana’s IMDB

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts at Cherry City Comic Con 2016

Menacing, intimidating and totally hypnotic in the ring, Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a Superstar capable of taking you down physically as well as psychologically. Slithering to the ring with a monstrous python concealed in a burlap sack, Jake used fear as a weapon as deftly as he used pain. His DDT finishing move is still one of the most brutal finishers ever unleashed on a Superstar.

Tommy “Tiny” Lister

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Hardly diminutive, 6′ 5″ Tommy “Tiny” Lister is not just a highly recognizable figure on screen, but also a highly accomplished actor. Originally a professional wrestler known by the names “Zeus” and “ZGangsta” for the WWE (Formerly WWF), Tiny left the world of wrestling in the mid 1980s to pursue an acting career and he has not stopped since.