Rules and Policies for Cherry City Comic Con (CCCC)


Your badge, ticket stub, or handstamp is your admission to the event and must be worn and made visible while on the convention floor for staff to know that you are allowed inside the event. If you loose your badge or ticket stub please contact a staff member to assist you. Upon their discretion a new badge or ticket may need to be purchased.

There will be a lost and found at the CCCC information table. Please return any found items to this location.

Cosplay, costumes, and outfits

All outfits must cover areas of the body normally covered by a bathing suit but to include the buttocks. You will be asked to change your outfit or leave the event if your outfit is considered by staff to be inappropriate. Clothing must not reveal the genitalia of male or female, and must not be sheer enough to expose areas which must be covered.


Footwear covering the bottom of the feet must be worn inside the event.

Weapons and props

The following items are not allowed at Cherry City Comic Con:

Concealed weapons

Any firearm or ammunition (no exception is made for concealed carry) Any functioning weapon, device, or toy; including items meant to be thrown Live steel (an exception will be made for un-edged wepons as long as they’re sheathed and peace-bonded) Props wide or long enough to inhibit traffic Any illegal weapon or illegal replica


Any item or prop that could be used as a weapon, used in a dangerous manner, looks like a wepon, or may appear to be dangerous, must be peace-bonded when entering the event. Aa staff member will attach a peace-tie to your item where it must remain while that item is in the event space.

Peace-bonding will be conducted at the peace-bonding table left of the front doors upon entry or the CCCC information booth.

Props/weapons purchased at the event must immediately be brought to be peace-bonded, or removed it from the event space. Any projectile item or live steel item purchased must be immediately removed from Convention Space.

Prop Requirements

  • In addition to peace-bonding requirements, the following requirements hold:
    • Potentially dangerous props may only be carried as part of a bona fide costume.
    • Weapon replicas or props must not be brandished or waved around.
    • Replica firearms or replica projectile weapons must have a highly visible orange tip.
    • Replica firearms or replica projectile weapons must never be pointed at anyone.
    • Replica pistols must remain in a holster, replica rifles must remain slung, and bladed items must be kept in their sheaths, except while posing for a photo.
    • Projectile items or replica firearms are allowed only if they are, or have been made, permanently non-functional.
    • “Permanently” means it is not possible to repair or restore the item to functionality. In most cases this means the item must be filled with glue and all moving parts rendered immobile.

Harassment, Solicitation, and Offensive Behavior

All attendees are expected to treat others in a courteous and respectful manner. Harassment and solicitation are prohibited. Please let the staff know if you are witness to any of the following:

  • Harassment
  • Offensive or rude behavior toward anyone
  • Someone doing or saying things with the willful intent to harm another person
  • Heckling
  • Solicitation
  • Displaying of signs with profanity, explicit or graphic language, insults, threats, or solicitations.
  • Distribution of flyers around the Convention Space or attaching them to walls or surfaces is prohibited. Some flyers can be left at the Info Booth for distribution. Flyers at the Info Booth may be removed at the discretion of Executive Staff.
  • Selling of items or favors outside of convention sanctioned events and areas.
  • Other Offensive and/or Illegal Behavior
  • Indecent exposure
  • Impeding the flow of traffic in hallways and especially in fire lanes
  • Overly loud or disruptive behavior
  • Line jumping or cutting
  • Consumption of alcohol in the event space
  • Fighting (play or real)
  • Lewd sexual contact or behavior (groping or inappropriate touching)
  • Any unsafe behavior
  • Theft of any kind
  • Any any iteration of pedobear

Anyone who engages in any of these activities will be given at minimum a warning. If an attendee continues the behavior, or engages in similarly offensive behavior they will be asked to leave the Event. Extreme cases may result removal without a prior warning and/or notification of local law authorities.

Consent to Photography

Any photographs or videos of attendees taken by CCCC in an official capacity may be used or published by CCCC without further consent of the attendees being recorded.

Photography by Attendees

Taking photographs and videos is allowed in the event space. Please respect the wishes of anybody who asks not to be photographed or video-recorded.


Cherry City Comic Con, its personnel, and its affiliates are not responsible for any damage, theft, injury, or loss. Attendees of the convention are responsible for their own actions as individuals as well as for any resulting repercussions. Staff are on hand for assistance in most situations. However, any civil or medical emergencies that may occur must be handled directly by the appropriate authorities.


Policies are subject to change. Updates will be available at or at the CCCC information table.